CMC2020: Recap of Round 2 of Copa Mitchell

by Jermaine Barnes

Group B

CDP - Chiba N. Seals 82-80
CDP outscored Chiba today in a win count in Group A. CDP jumped to a 22:13 lead after ten minutes. Chiba managed to narrow the gap at 4 points heading into the fourth term. CDP however responded with a 21:13 run in the final period to seal the win. Juan Coronado (203-F-90, college: Liberty) produced 15 points and 7 rebounds, while Joan Rojas added 14 points and 8 assists for the Dominican team. P.J. Reason (193-F, college: Co.Georgia) replied with 28 points for Chiba.

GIE Maile Matrix - Plaza 79-76

GIE Maile Matrix toppled Plaza to take the first win in Group A. Matrix recorded a 19:14 lead after ten minutes. But Plaza stepped on the gas in the next periods. The hosts dropped 68 points in the next three quarters to tie the score in the fourth. The Matrix defense locked in the last minute with 4 steals to ice the victory. Steffon Bradford (198-F/C-78, college: Nebraska) produced 22 points and 10 rebounds while Christian Colston (183-PG-95, college: Concordia, TX) added 15 points in the win. Christian Colston (183-PG-95, college: Concordia, TX) answered with 18 points for Plaza.

Fenix - Santiago Basket 70-97
Santiago Basket dominated Fenix for their second win count in Group B. The international club team grabbed a 26:22 lead after ten minutes. But Fenix responded with a 20:13 run in the second term to spur ahead. A hot hand from Cameron Mitchell  (196-FG, college: IU Southeast) used a 16:4 run in the fourth period to ice the win. Mitchell scored a game high 25 points for the winners. The Dominican club ranked #1.