Alex Carcamo named captain of Belize for 2023 United Cup Superior


Belize (United Cup) strengthened their roster with addition of experienced Belizean-American ex-international forward Alex Carcamo (203cm, college: EWU). Carcamo has been named captain of the Belize squad participating in the 2023 United Cup in Santiago, Dominican Republic. United Cup will be definitely a better match and he can see more playing level.

He also represented Belize at the Central American Games in Managua (Nicaragua) five years ago.

Carcamo is quite experienced player. Thanks to his pro career he managed to play on three different continents (Europe, Latin America and of course North America) in ten different countries. He has played previously professionally in Argentina (Bragado, Olimpico and Obera), Chile (Las Animas and Sagrados), China, Israel (Hapoel Kiryat Tivon/Megido), Kosovo (Besa), Mexico (Halcones UV Xalapa and Navegantes), Philippines, Portugal, Uruguay (Carcamobraica and Nacional) and Venezuela.

The list of the past achievements is quite long as among others he was voted to All-Chilean Liga Nacional Honorable Mention back in 2015.

It's very possible he may end his playing career at Belize.

He attended Eastern Washington University until 1999 and it will be his 25th (!!!) season as a professional player.
The scouts decsribe him following way: A good all around forward, who plays the 3 and 4 positions and even some 5 if needed. Very athletic, good shootblocker, he's really quick for a PF, and has good shooting, dribbling and post-up skills.